We specialise in the lettings and rental markets and have spent 12 years working closely with lettings agents and private landlords in Leicester.

We understand the unique pressures and frustrations of property management. We know that a great deal of your time and resources are spent solving plumbing and heating issues.

You need a professional trades partner that you can rely on. A one-stop-shop for your landlord safety certificates and records, and for servicing boilers and fires. We are experts at diagnosing faults and carrying out repairs, and in designing and implementing new installations.

But our long-term customers don’t stick with us just because of our experience and expertise. They keep coming back because we go the extra mile when it comes to communication and timely administration. You’ll never have to chase us for updates or paperwork. We’ll stay in touch with you and your tenant throughout your project using our modern online service systems and good old-fashioned phone calls.

We’ve carefully chosen our team members, not just for their high levels of technical skill, but also for their respectful personalities. So you can rest assured that when we work in one of your properties, we understand that we’re not just carrying out a job, we’re representing you.

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The latest technologies in energy efficient heating systems and automated lighting can be as exciting as they are frustrating to understand. Fortunately, our expert electricians and heating engineers can help you decide what the best option is for your property. We can rewire your sockets or help you install and set up your Amazon Echo. And if you want to find out about Smart controls for energy saving and increased control over your heating and hot water, we can help with that too.

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Having the plumbing in your home work as it should is essential. We can fix any plumbing problem you might have, whether it’s a leaking tap, weak water pressure, a wobbly toilet seat or a stinky kitchen sink.

Don’t wait until something breaks before you call us. Fancy a swanky new Jacuzzi bath or an on-trend Belfast sink? Or do you want to tap into a bit more water pressure to get the full potential of your new power shower? We can help you out with that too.

Any issue you have with your plumbing systems, or renovations you wish to do, we’re here to help.

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No installation project is too big or too small for us. We’ll visit you and put together a plan of action tailored to your property and your specific needs. This means that you get the most efficient system for your home.

Whether you need a new radiator, or a complete boiler and system upgrade, call us on 0116 2625788 or email to book a visit.

Water quality is a massive factor in the maintenance of your property’s heating and plumbing system. As water passes through the system, the oxygen in it can react with the metal, rusting and corroding it. Over time, this corrosion causes a build-up of sludge and debris. This nasty residue will then work its way through your heating and plumbing system, causing extensive (and expensive) damage along the way.

Meanwhile, hydrogen gas can also build up in your heating system and cause its own problems. If you find yourself having to bleed your radiators often, hydrogen could be the culprit. Without proper treatment, you’ll be stuck in a vicious circle. You’ll bleed the radiators and top up the water pressure. Then the fresh, oxygenated water you’ve just let in will cause more hydrogen to be released, meaning you’ll need to bleed the radiators again.

All this is why we recommend fitting and maintaining a filter, chemical cleaners and inhibitors. This robust three-part defence will both suppress corrosion by improving water quality and filter out any residue before it becomes a problem. We can put this solution in place quickly and easily while we service or repair your system.

If you have a big build-up of corrosion, we can add chemical cleaner and/or use a flushing machine to clear it. We offer a combined boiler service and system health check.

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The many smaller components of a heating system are often forgotten about, with the boiler being the main focus. But, like any complex machine, the system must work as a whole to do its job efficiently. Our experience tells us that it’s often something in the wider system that is the cause of a fault rather than a ‘boiler’ issue. We’ll pinpoint the root cause of your problem and fix it.

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Your boiler needs to be regularly maintained to avoid more costly problems later on. It must be serviced annually to keep it working at its best, and in order to keep your warranty and insurance valid. If you are a landlord, you have a legal obligation to service the boiler in your rental properties.

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Boilers break down at the most inconvenient times, and it is only when they are not working properly that we realise how vital they are. We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly work out what’s wrong with your boiler and fix it. We work with all types of boilers and systems and have speedy access to quality parts because of our long-standing relationships with local and national suppliers. Our aim is to get your boiler up and running quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of fuss.

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Our engineers are all fully trained Gas Engineers and are Gas Safe registered. And they all have at least 15 years of experience in diagnosis and fault finding, repairs, installations, general maintenance, servicing and the provision of safety certificates and records. So you can rely on us to take care of all of your gas and heating needs.

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