Water Treatment


Water quality is a massive factor in the maintenance of your property’s heating and plumbing system. As water passes through the system, the oxygen in it can react with the metal, rusting and corroding it. Over time, this corrosion causes a build-up of sludge and debris. This nasty residue will then work its way through your heating and plumbing system, causing extensive (and expensive) damage along the way.

Meanwhile, hydrogen gas can also build up in your heating system and cause its own problems. If you find yourself having to bleed your radiators often, hydrogen could be the culprit. Without proper treatment, you’ll be stuck in a vicious circle. You’ll bleed the radiators and top up the water pressure. Then the fresh, oxygenated water you’ve just let in will cause more hydrogen to be released, meaning you’ll need to bleed the radiators again.

All this is why we recommend fitting and maintaining a filter, chemical cleaners and inhibitors. This robust three-part defence will both suppress corrosion by improving water quality and filter out any residue before it becomes a problem. We can put this solution in place quickly and easily while we service or repair your system.

If you have a big build-up of corrosion, we can add chemical cleaner and/or use a flushing machine to clear it. We offer a combined boiler service and system health check.

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